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The Certified Nurse Assistant
Exam Test Questions

Personal care and the CNA

chapter five questions and answers continued:

  1. In Long Term Care Facilities Housekeeping is responsible for the residents belongs (i.e. clothing, etc.) not nursing.

    (Answer: FALSE)

  2. It is a good idea to plan the resident's personal care according to their preference and not the staff's routine.

    (Answer: TRUE)

  3. In order to keep residents/patients from becoming dizzy, it is an excellent idea to have them dangle their legs on the edge of the bed before transferring them, as this stimulates circulation.

    (Answer: TRUE)

  4. It is very important for the Nurse Assistant to feel that they are partners with the Nurse in "care giving."

    (Answer: TRUE)

  5. Since a Charge Nurse spends more time with the patients, the observation of the residents/patients are best left up to the charge nurse instead of the Nurse Assistant.

    (Answer: FALSE - NA spends more time with residents.)

  6. As a Nurse Assistant, organizing yourself efficiently, as well as getting your tasks in a priority, is generally referred to as "time management".

    (Answer: TRUE)

  7. Many times a resident/patient might become closer to the Nurse Assistant than their own family members.

    (Answer: TRUE)

  8. When using a mechanical lift, it is okay for one person to use it.

    (Answer: FALSE - it should be a minimum of 2 people.)

  9. You should always shampoo the resident's hair on a daily basis.

    (Answer: FALSE)

  10. When you are making a resident's bed, you should always be sure and raise the bed to a level that is comfortable for you so that you will not strain your back.

    (Answer: TRUE)

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